Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Installing Mexico Maps in Garmin

I spent yesterday updating my Garmin nuvi 1350T to include Mexico maps. I have the Lifetime Maps subscription so all I had to do was get the maps into the nuvi. I followed the directions, found the file in the nuvi but could not seem to get the GPS to recognize it. After struggling for a while I put out a call for help on the GPSpassion forum and got help immediately from my friend Rob who I know IRL (in real life) as well as on the forum. We tried a couple of things and then I got another suggestion from a fellow in Poland of all places who told me the maps were probably already added to the base map file. I searched for an address in Mexico City and a detailed map of the streets appeared! It was installed. Thanks popej from Poland! This is what I do with my days...

Several of you have asked if we are heading back to Mexico this winter. Well, that is the plan. We are assuming we are going to Mexico and unless things really change down there, that is what we shall be doing. There is no doubt that Mexico has it's problems but it is also clear that these problems are being overblown by the media. Once you eliminate all the deaths of those involved in the drug trade and those fighting these people, Mexico is safer than the USA. We have learned the tricks to stay out of trouble both in Mexico and anywhere else.

We always cross the border early in the day while the bad guys are still in bed and drive south until we need gas. We are now in relatively safe territory and the further south we get, the safer it is! Other rules we follow are to stay off the streets at night and to always be aware of our surroundings. Our US retired military friend "Belgique" calls this, "Situational Awareness" We do not hang out in late night bars and have nothing to do with drugs or with those who do. We do not flash money around and always smile at and greet our Mexican hosts and treat them with respect. We have never had a problem and do not expect one. There is always the off chance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time but by following our rules we keep the risk at an acceptable level. These risks exist wherever you go and being overly cautious of them does nothing but keep you at home! Not for us! Viva Mexico!

EDIT: If you want to read an article on the safety factor in Mexico, My friend John Calypso sent me this:


  1. It is great to hear your thoughts on Mexico travel....especially since they are exactly the same as ours. Always good to get confirmation that someone whom you respect agrees with you. Hope to meet up with you two at some point this winter.

  2. Looking forward to your return - read this if you get a chance:

  3. We didn't even give it a thought on our two day trip down to jalisco. The boondocking spots we hit were fantastic, no hassles, no checkpoints. All the highways were in excellent condition. Can't wait to see you guys again.

  4. We are still considering a return to Mexico this winter as we really missed it last winter.

    The only thing that's holding us back is that we can't get full coverage (say we get shot as innocent bystanders in a fight between the police and the druggies). I've checked recently with one of our insurers and the exclusion still stands, apparently all of the out-of-country carriers are the same. While the odds of this occurring are slim, I'm not comfortable knowing that there will be additional hoops to go through if there is a problem.

    I'm going to ask our broker is there is additional coverage that can be bought.


  5. Thanks for the heads up on the insurance almcc. I will have to give my carrier a call.

    The other thing is, our regular Canadian insurance still covers us in Mexico up to the amount it would cost to treat the same thing in Canada. This should cover any hospital costs in Mexico. I will ask when I call.