Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Testing Google Maps

Testing the new link feature in Google Maps.

Here is the La Siesta RV Park in San Miguel de Allende that was recently closed to make room for Sam's Club. This was the only RV park in SMA that was accessible to rigs larger than 26 feet. I think this will work well. You can zoom in and out.

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  1. that's a pretty cool feature. I'll have to use that.

    I remember La Siesta well, our bikes were stolen there but we also had many wonderful stays. I met a lot of RVers who are still friends in that campground. We had many late nights of Mexican Train and good times.

    The location was too perfect to last, sadly that seems to be true in many places.

  2. Mexico needs to do more to accomdate RV'ers - not less. Hmmmm!

  3. "Sam's Club"??! Chinese imports in Mexico?? Who'd have thought!
    Bill in Nebr.

  4. Nooooo! That is sad news Croft. Where do have to go for X-mas now?
    love CPJ

  5. Claudia, How about Merida? You have to meet Jonna and Mimi!