Thursday, October 6, 2011

Computer Trouble Update

Well. all went well and I updated all my programs as well as windows. I then attempted to do a new Ghost image but it would not complete! It told me it had found a bunch of bad sectors and had to abort. Ouch!

I did a "chkdsk c:/r" from the command prompt and restarted the computer in hopes that would fix it. I now have to try a new Ghost image. Maybe I will try it during the hockey game tonight. Go Canucks!!!!!

OK, I couldn't wait. It did not work - still no image. I found one more trick that I am trying now. Stay tuned.

Success!!!! chkdsk/F did the trick and repaired the errors that were stopping Ghost. Does anyone else remember DOS?


  1. I used to be a DOS pro! I wonder how much of it I remember today...

  2. DOS is the only way to learn about the operating system. That's what I fall back to when it takes more than 1 sec to find the GUI method.

  3. DOS is why Apple exists. I remember enough to support my memory of how horrible it was. I was never great at DOS, better at UNIX but it always seemed to me that UNIX made slightly more sense than DOS. DOS programmers hated users.