Wednesday, October 19, 2011

If It Isn't One Thing, It's Another!

We are in Victoria where Norma's implant specialist is. She was having some problems with her replacement implants. He poked around and discovered two of the five implanted rods are damaged. One was loose and came out with a tug and the other was broken and causing infection. He got all the pieces out and gave her antibiotics and another appointment in a week. I suspect it will be two more appointments after that so there goes three weeks! She was in the chair for three hours! I hope this is a warranty job!

And it is getting cold up here!


  1. Om my word...poor Norma...I also have implants...have had them since the late 80's never had a problem with them at all..other than one sits in a nerve pocket and bothers me every now and then...but as far as stability they've been excellent...maybe if your going to Mexico and she is able to it might be a good idea to have them redone there...if this is not a warranty job it could get pricy to say the least..another thought mine are hoping hers are also...if not they should be...when you say 'replacement implants' I right to assume the originals have been replaced???
    Good luck to you both....throwing you in my prayer basket...

  2. Yes they are titanium.

    This is the first time they have not wanted the cc before we left so I am sure it is a freebee.

    Her originals failed after 8 years.

  3. Damn! That hurts even here 1500 miles away! Poor Norma. I'm sure she's tough but that's gotta be awful. Please give her my sympathy. You get some too since you are going to have to stay home and get chilly for a while. Try to stay warm.

  4. Well if it makes you feel any better we are heading off for ER root canal or ??? at 6:30 sorry for Norma;s troubles.

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  6. In spite of proof reading, I still messed up, hence the "delete" thing...


    Talk of "teeth" work makes me cringe.
    Mind you, when I first read "implants" there was a moment of confusion, but I soldiered on.
    Didn't think Norma would want you talking about any other kinds of "implants". At least not more than once.
    You may just have to start getting prepared in August.
    Will you be needing snow tires on the motorhome?
    That's a rhetorical're on the left coast.

  7. Oh man, root canals! Been there, don't want to go back!

    Nice and warm now Don, just got out of my son's hot tub!

    Yes, dental Bob. I never dared suggest any other kind! No snow here on the left coast! We will be fine.

  8. Wishing success with the dental implants....and that the snow holds off till you are well on your way south.

  9. 28C high and 15C low. Very comfortable here. Get better soon Norma!

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