Friday, October 28, 2011

Packing The Motorhome

Well, that was Norma's last dental appointment. Seven hours driving and five minutes in the chair. He did not replace the post that broke and caused the infection. He wants to give it a couple of months for the bone to heal so she will have to live with what she has over the winter. They fit and work fine without it. There was no charge for the repairs.

Linda asked Norma how long it will take her to load the motorhome and get ready to leave and she said "two weeks". We started today and hopefully it will only take one week. Our housesitter moves in today. Poor guy. Rae remembers what that was like. He will be recruited to help.

Norma: "Croft, can you bring in all the silverware, plates, pots and pans and wash them all?". It was posed as a question but was really a command. I know my place.

Croft: "Yes dear".

Croft: "Do we really need place settings for 12? There are only two of us and the extras weigh a ton".

Norma: "We might have company".

Croft: "We have never had 12 for dinner and can only seat 4 anyway. If we have more than two guests we can ask them to bring their own plates and cutlery".

Norma: "That would be rude".

Croft: "Do we need four frying pans plus the electric one?  We only have three burners and we only used the medium one all last year".

Norma: "Yes, I need them all".

Croft: "Do we need eight pots? We only have three burners."

Norma: "OK, two of them are the same size so leave one at home."

YAHOO!! SUCCESS!!!! I downsized by one pound!!!!!! Pour me a scotch!!!

One day down and six (or thirteen) to go!

I can't wait to question her about the four sets of bedding and twelve pillow cases. And the three can openers, four wooden spoons, three garlic presses, five wine openers.........


  1. Mexi-Croft,
    Had to laugh at your description of your lovely bride and her packing plans. (Of course it's easy to be smug about packing up your rig when you live in it full-time and never have to pack EVER AGAIN... insert evil grin here).
    Our entire bedding wardrobe includes just two fitted sheets and four pillowcases. I'd have to throw out some of My fellas golf clubs to fit more bedding in here :)

  2. This post is so funny but it also makes me want to start packing too!

  3. After laughing my head off I had to apologize to Sylvia. At least we only bring enough place settings for 6!
    Be careful though Croft, when Norma notices that she has some extra room she might add extra can openers........

  4. Great post! It was a fun read! Ah the pains of packing for the southward journey. Good luck with the balance of the packing days.

  5. The wine openers area must....I broke 3 last year, just plain overuse.

    Norma it is not rude to ask us to bring dishes and chairs, it is done all the time.

    Colin talked me out of a 2nd cookie sheet last year and he will continue to regret it for years!!!

    Great post!

  6. Might want to bring an extra sat receiver or two, you never know. Glad you are getting close to leaving.

  7. Hi Jean and Skip! So you have a Blog! I have it bookmarked now. Yes, I have a spare receiver. Your misfortune taught me a lesson.