Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Computer Troubles

My XP desktop has been giving me problems. It has been really slow to load programs and Internet pages. In typing documents I would get way ahead of the screen and I am not a fast typer. The hard drive light on the computer would be on constantly, indicating hard drive activity. I tried doing a system restore but none of my restore points would work! I had a problem that I could not figure out.

I have Ghost installed but have not made an image in some time. The last image was back in late June but I thought, what the heck. I have all my documents backed up and I backed up my financial data onto three different medias (yes, I am paranoid) and went for it.

I think it fixed the problem. It is currently doing a full virus scan, a Windows update and a Firefox update all at the same time and still is allowing me to post this Blog. I think I won. I will be kept busy updating a few programs and I will let you know how it worked.

I really should replace the computer. It is almost 10 years old. My problem is that I have Photoshop and Nikon Capture installed and neither of them will transfer to a new computer without me paying out way too much money. One day I will have to, but not today.


  1. Easily solution: get a Mac. The average 10 year old Mac would not be giving you this much trouble while a PC is obsolete within the first year.


  2. If you lived closer, I'd fix all your computer problems. That's my trade.

  3. You would be a good guy to live near, Pat!

    Yes Rae, duck!

  4. FireFox was becoming a problem for my 64 bit relatively new Windows 7 computer - I switched to Google Chrome - much happier and speedier.

  5. I loaded Chrome by accident when it first came out and it came with a program I loaded. I did not like it at all then and quickly uninstalled it. Now I have it on my W7 laptop and use it quite often. It has improved!

  6. We are a Mac family and love them. However it is costly to add Photoshop and NIkon Capture which we did last year.

  7. I'm sure that you've already done this but did you defrag the hard drive??