Friday, October 28, 2011

Game Seven!

I am not a huge baseball fan. I like the Seattle Mariners and follow them as far as they go but then my interest tapers off. I usually watch at least part of the final World Series games just to say I did. This year I watched a couple of games but missed last night's when St. Louis had their great comeback game to tie the series. It was a bad game to miss! Tonight is Game Seven and I am watching!

I am cheering for St. Louis. No special reason. I grew to like Texans last winter. All but two - George Bush and Rick Perry. So I am cheering for St. Louis. Yes, I guess everything DOES have to be political!

EDIT: Well, how about that! They won! This is one of the very few times any team I have cheered for has made it all the way. I usually pick the underdog and usually take my licks. It is nice being here in the winners circle this time!

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