Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Travel Plans

A couple of readers have asked me about our plans this year, Sorry I have not been posting much but things are a little up in the air right now.

We are going to Mexico but have been slightly delayed by a couple of minor medical glitches. We both have appointments in the next week or two to tie up some loose ends and then we can start loading the motorhome. As usual, we will head down I-5 and CA 99 to Yuma where we, or at least Norma. will get new glasses. Mine still seem fine but maybe I will slip in to have my prescription checked in the next week. From Yuma, we will cross at Lukeville but after that plans are loose, just the way I like them. My niece will not be in Mazatlan this year as George got a lucrative fiber optic contract in Texas so it looks like they will be spending their winter there. 

Our departure can't come soon enough as it is getting cold up here! Norma's garden had deteriorated to the point that even the deer are turning their noses up at it.

The desktop computer is still struggling along. It is working fine, the only thing is that it is refusing to make Ghost images. It may be hardware related or it could be software related. The consensus of opinion is to replace the hard drive with one I have sitting here. I am kind of hung up in that process because I cannot get Ghost to recognize an external drive and installing that drive in the computer involves working in a tiny space that leaves me with skinned knuckles. I am putting it off. It is no problem as I have switched my day to day work over to the Windows 7 laptop, the one we will be using all winter.

We will get these annoying delays taken care of and Life will soon be Good again!


  1. What I have done is partition an external drive with a small boot partition and Ghost, and the large rest of it open for the images. Boot from the external drive and run Ghost from that, saving the image to the second partition. That way, it sees the partitions as 1.1 (boot), 1.2 (image space), and 2 (internal drive). Don't know if that helps. Yeah, I do this for a living...

  2. Just getting into the RV and on the road is what I aspire to. Life does become great at that point.