Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Little Story

My next door neighbor is a long haul truck driver. A couple of years ago he was hauling salmon from Vancouver Island to Seattle, WA. One time at the border crossing he had the cab of his truck searched heading South. The inspector found a two litre bottle under the seat with some liquid in it. 

"What's in the bottle?"
"Yes, urine".
"Why do you have urine?"
"That's where I pee when I cannot find any other place".
"That's what rest areas are for".
"I am getting over a bladder infection and sometimes can't wait".
"Well, you cannot import urine into the USA".
"What if it was still inside me?"
"It's not, it's in a bottle and we don't want it."
"What would you suggest I do with it?"
"I don't know but you can't bring it into the USA."
"OK, I will dump it in the ditch."
"No you won't, that's littering and it is a hazardous waste."
"Do you have a toilet in the building? I will dump it there."
"No, you are in the USA now. You have to take it back to Canada for disposal."
"Can I leave the truck here and walk back to Canada Customs?"
"Yes, but good luck getting them to allow you to bring it in."

Well, he walked back to the Canadian side and they let him dump it in the toilet and throw away the bottle just for safe measure. He walked back to the truck and the inspector waved him on with a "Have a good day". About half an hour had elapsed.


  1. That's very similar to my story about crossing into the US with my RVing ebook CDs!

  2. Croft, don't you know we export all our pee across our borders? Most goes to Mexico, but I think northern US pee goes to Canada. Don't even think about poop! Perhaps I am revealing a state secret? If you don't hear from me for awhile, guess I've been picked up... :)

    Gawd, what a story!

  3. hahaha that certainly gave me a great laugh on this down day....thanks!!!

  4. I wonder if it ever occurred to him that every RV crossing had gallons of it in the waste tanks?

  5. Well, that was a good tip. I'll be sure and keep my bodily by-products in their respective "holding places" until well over the border the next time I go.

  6. LOL, I'll bet that was the Blaine, WA crossing. They must have the dumbest people in the Customs Service there. I've been there & seen them too many times!

  7. Well, just when one thinks one has heard it all, there is always another low brainer who challenges the assumption. Yes, I have dealt with several of these and I swear that in order to obtain employment on the 49th parallel, one must have an IQ equal to one's shoe size!

  8. I probably would have told the inspector the liquid was lemonade; and he was welcome to it ;-)

  9. This is most likely an urban myth.

  10. No urban myth, it happened to a very good friend of mine!

  11. Sorry my mistake. I didn't pay attention to the first line.

    It is a pretty funny story.