Thursday, February 2, 2012

Banda Ancha Mystery

We drove to the Telcel Customer Service Center yesterday and went in to buy another month of Internet. I expected to pay $499 pesos. I stood in line and got a (sort of) English speaking agent. I told him I wanted to buy another month and he looked my number up in his computer. I was pretty sure I had until February 3rd before it expired but he said it expired in four hours.  He also said I had enough in my account for the next month and did not have to pay more. What???? I know I only paid $499 when I renewed and should have no credit. He insisted and asked if I wanted him to initiate the next month for me. I said “por favor”. He punched his keys, looked puzzled and punched again. He told me the computer would not accept his message and that I should send the text message ALTO30 to address 5050 when my time expires in four hours. This tells the Telcel computer to start my month.

I waited the four hours, then six, then eight and then went to bed. My internet is still working this morning. I don’t know what is going on. As long as it is working, I will continue to use it and then try the text message if and when it quits. Like many things in Mexico, it is a mystery and not ours to question!


  1. I too have had my Banda Ancha mysteries. Mine weren't good though for the most part. But so far I like it more than the Verizon program I have in the US.

    The only other thing I would say is "take the good that comes to you."

  2. Croft...your internet is still working because you have built up a supply of bonus pesos. You need to register for "Mi Telcel" in order to access your account online. Very simple to do at

    Enetr your 10 digit number, and follow the instructions.

    Then, once registered you can see your account balance, both your regular balance, and your bonus balance.

  3. Please see me latest post re: Banda ancha. How do I activate it? Thanks

  4. Telephone service and internet stick work basically the same way here in Honduras. I just hand my phone and internet stick to a local co-worker and she takes care of all the texts. If I pay 500L that is either 1 mo internet, or 5 days, and it takes a text to tell them which. If she stops doing it I'll be lost.