Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Several days ago our Blogging friend Contessa asked us to find out the monthly rate here at the Yax Ha Trailer Park. Norma went over to ask and it is $7500 pesos a month, electric included. This is about $580 CAN (or USA right now). It was time to pay for another few days and Norma figured it would be cheaper for us to just pay for a month and leave early. The manager would not go for it. It seems the only way to get the monthly rate is to pay in advance! He did give us a reduced rate of $250 pesos per day (instead of $300 pesos) for the rest of our time here so we are saving a little anyway. We are now paid up until March 11th.

We have to be home a few days before the end of April to do our taxes so if we leave here on the 11th, we will have about six weeks to get home. A nice, relaxing pace with time to stop every once in a while and maybe a chance to see Chris and Juan on our way through Mexico.

Today or tomorrow, we have to dump. There is no dump at our site so we have to move about 100 feet to the dump station. Not a big deal but because everything has to be taken off tables and the counter and the slide brought in, we delay it as long as possible. Our noses are telling us it cannot be put off any longer. The black tank is nowhere near full and we let the gray water drain onto the grass under the rig so it stays empty. This is pretty normal practice although many people get their noses out of joint when they hear we do this. It is just sink water and the grass obviously likes it. I am environmentally conscious but I have been known to pee behind a tree. Bears do.


  1. That's why I don't understand RV'ers who come to Mexico and stay in one spot all winter long. Most monthly RV rates are well more than it would cost to rent a decent apartment. In fact, our host here at Valle de Bravo has a fully equipped apartment that has sat empty most of the winter. Cost, with a nice view overlooking the lake is 2,500 pesos ($200) per month.

  2. Oh man, the gray water. All the camping that was done before and after holding tanks; tent campers, backpackers, and popups. You're right, people get their noses out of joint over this one.

    I will be sending our calender this weekend.

  3. I agree with Kevin and Ruth, we have an rv with wheels so that we can move around. We are not ones to stay in one place very long.
    I agree a little grey water here and there, should not be a problem, but the black now, is a different story.

  4. ...but the black now, is a different story.

    Tell that to the City of Ottawa, who still dump millions of litres of raw sewage into the Ottawa River every year.

  5. "... but the black now, is a different story.

    And Victoria, BC which dumps into the Straight of Juan De Fuca.

  6. When I do the math, the 250 pesos equals the monthly rate (30 days). Not too bad for that RV park for per night cost, but pretty steep for a month paid in advance.....besides, you are contributing to their lawn upkeep. Oh well, just keep on having fun!

  7. Jan, the nightly rate is $350 pesos for one night only, $300 pesos if you stay more than one night and $7500 per month ($250 pesos/night)

  8. Some of us who work half the year like to come and just stay in one spot all winter!!! Plus we like to have our own bed, our own food and all our stuff with us.