Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tropical Storm #2

The weather has not been all that nice in Cancun. It is either cloudy or it is raining. The very odd time the sun peeks through but never for very long. It is also very humid. Maybe not that humid for people who live in the tropics, but very humid for people who live in Canada! It is warm though, days in the low to mid 80's.

We were planning a trip downtown today to a square where there is food and tons of people. As we were getting ready, it started to pour rain! Soon we lost the TV signal due to rain fade. So much for socializing today. The TV signal came back in an hour or so.

It continued raining for a long time and eventually Norma noticed rain coming through the roof around the TV antenna crank. We dried the area and put a pot under it. That is the first time that has happened and it may be the screws loosened on the rough roads on the way down here. When it is dry, I will venture up on the roof for a look. In the meantime, it is not that bad. Life is wet, but Good!

EDIT: Wow! It started up again Saturday night and poured for about four hours. The TV was off for most of this time. There was thunder and lightening overheat and torrential rain. A look out the window showed we were in the middle of a lake.


  1. I find it hilarious that you are complaining about humidity. Winter in Campbell was so wet that moss started to grow on Miranda! :)

  2. I've noticed in our TT that we have the same problem. But only when the antenna is extended. When retracted, no leak. I also need to take a look at ours.

  3. Maybe just some new caulking!!

    That is the one thing that keeps us away from Cancun, the storms, rain and humidity at this time of year.

  4. Yikes amigo - we keep trying to get you here in Puerto where it has rained for one hour in nearly four months - puorrrrfect weather low to mid 80's high and 70 F lows - mild humidity and gentle breezes. Come on down - I will buy you a drink or three!

  5. Haven't seen rain since October 18th. But then we're on the Pacific coast. No rain here until April or May.

  6. hope it clears up for you soon...and that the leak is just minor...I also can't handle humidity..and I'm from Canada too...hope the week gets better for you...