Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yax Ha RV Park, Chetumal



  1. Very, Very nice location.
    Sigh, sometimes we really do miss the ocean.

  2. Just showed Colin the photos, he wants to know the monthly rate!

  3. Whoa! I actually just now did a little whistle when I saw the pictures. What a nice spot!
    Speaking of "Kathe", is this the same person who very tragically lost her companion a few years back when they were digging a well? I've sort of lost track, and I'm just curious. The name "Kathe" seems to ring a bell.
    It was a very sad thing to read.

  4. Yes Bob, same Kathe. She is still here and doing very well!

  5. Bob, yes, I am still here. Colleen, my life partner, died August 9th, 2006 after nearly drowning 4 months earlier while we were cleaning an old well. She was overcome by methane gas. It was the single most horrifying event in my life. You never get over those kinds of things, but you do have to keep on keeping on. Kathe

  6. Beautiful pictures! I really love your blog, you've been to so many places. I would love to stop at this park.

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