Sunday, February 26, 2012

This And That

We are still in Chetumal. The weather is perfect so it is hard to leave. Kathe came over for dinner last night so Norma dug out our last chunk of wild BC salmon. It was a nice evening with some good conversation. It sprinkled rain for a few minutes so we ate inside but it is hot and sunny again today. Our new planned departure day is Tuesday but that will probably fall by the wayside as well. I have said it before, but the weather is perfect here in Chetumal. We are lazy here and firmly on “Mexico Time”! Or as Jimmy Buffett would say, “Difference In Latitude, Difference In Attitude”.

The watch that Brooks gave me a couple of years ago started slowing down. Yesterday it was loosing about five hours a day so we took it down to the mercado where we remembered seeing a watch repair guy in about a 5' X 10' booth. I asked him if he could change the battery. He said, "Si", took the battery out and tested it. He determined the battery was good so he cleaned it and burnished the contacts in the watch, put it back together and handed it back to me for no charge. I guess the humidity had affected the battery connection. I gave him a $10 peso tip and the watch is again keeping perfect time. Another example of honest workers in Mexico which is the general rule and not the exception.

Norma prides herself in keeping the motorhome spotless and it has paid off as we have not had any invasion of bugs that are so common down here. Yesterday morning she woke up early with something crawling on her face. She turned on the light and found hundreds of tiny, fast moving ants on the wall and pillows! She blamed it on her leaving a cup of sugared coffee on the bedside table all night. Maybe it was or maybe it was just our time to get invaded. We lifted the mattress and found as many more under it. We sprayed everything, stripped the bed, bagged the sheets and sprayed again, leaving the mattress propped up to air out. She then washed all the walls and the bed platform, watched for several hours and finally decided there was no more problem. This morning there were no ants. problem solved.

Today is the Scotties Tournament of Hearts curling finals and the Daytona 500 car race. That will keep both of us busy! BC and Alberta will be playing off for the Gold in curling and I will be cheering for Danica Patrick in the race. She has been having some bad luck lately and had a bad crash yesterday. She deserves a win.


  1. Mexi-Croft,
    One of my fave books is Jimmy Buffet's "A Pirate Looks At Fifty". Love his attitude.
    If he wasn't so stinkin' rich he'd probably be RVing just like us :)

  2. Gee, I was thinking about that salmon and thinking 'lucky you' then you started in with the ants! Jeez! Changed the tenor of the entire post. Hope they are gone for good. Hope you travel with ant spray.

  3. Sounds like this winter has really worked out for you guys. Sun and fun. I'm glad.

  4. Glad that the weather is good, and hope you remember the trip for a long time.

  5. Norma must have freaked out!! I think it was the sweet drink!