Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sitting Tight

I just checked the weather in Mexico in the way we are headed and it is not looking good. Lots of rain and thunderstorms. It is beautiful here in Chetumal, almost too warm but that is the fault of the humidity which is very high. We are paid up until Saturday and if things do not improve to the north, we just might stay longer. May as well enjoy the weather while we have it. There is a beautiful pool here but it has been full of kids the last few days and you know what that means!

We are by ourselves here after our Swiss neighbors left, heading for central and South America. They will spend  six or seven months there and then have their rig shipped home from Argentina. It is a trip of a lifetime for them. If you do German or can put up with Google Translator, their Blog is at  www.dalanuma.blogspot.com They have not been keeping their Blog up to date very well but it makes for good reading in any case.

We have really been lazy here, but why not? Life is Good!

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