Wednesday, February 1, 2012


After getting a little confused by a new road to the El Mecoloco RV park, we finally arrived at our home base for Cancun. It is the only RV park in the area and is a typical Mexican park. We were met at the entrance by a worker who told us to walk around and find a place we liked. We were joined by the son of the owner who attends university in Guadalajara and who spoke very good English. We decided on a spot over by the cabins they have for rent and paid for six nights at $250 pesos per night. There are three other rigs in the park. One a young couple from France with young children who have been on the road for five years in Mexico, USA and Canada. They bought a large, older class A in the USA and are home schooling as they travel. Another rig is a single American from Wisconsin who looks like he has been here for a while. The last rig is deserted and looks like it is in storage.

We parked under threatening skies and set up the Starchoice dish. We used the “dolly mount” and secured the dish against the expected wind. We found the signal quite easily, had a rest while it rained for an hour and then drove down the road to Los Flamingos, a palapa restaurant on the beach. Dinner was good, if a little expensive (this IS Cancun after all) and the constant breeze kept us busy holding the tablecloth down. No problem, it is all part of the great adventure!

So far, the trip is going very well. We have had no problems and the motorhome is running perfectly. The stock market is doing very well at home as well and money is going back into our investments at a “better than last year” rate  and the Canadian dollar is doing well against the peso. We are happy campers!

Today we will drive downtown to find the Telcel building to buy another month of Banda Ancha Internet and to find a fish taco spot we remember from our last visit.

It is hot (80 – 85 degrees) and very humid so the breeze is nice! Life Is Good!



  1. Congrats on all of it - Life is Good!

  2. Good job with the dish. Did you get the info I sent re seeting up?

    Looks like a nice park and a fair price.

  3. Yes I did, Thanks Contessa! The dolly mount is a lot more solid than the PVC frame I made and is easier to control the angles.