Saturday, March 3, 2012

Windy and Clear

We hunkered down in the wind yesterday and last night. There is not a cloud in the sky but there is a steady 30 KPH wind from the South. It is still warm, in the mid 80's so we will venture out to the store today as we are getting low on supplies. It does not look like the wind will be letting up so I may put the rear stabilizers down to stop the bedroom from rocking like it did all last night.

Water Pump Problems

We are having water pump problems in the RV's fresh water system. It is taking it a long time to re-pressurize the system after we turn a tap on/off. It has always been able to keep up but now the pump keeps loudly running for several seconds (5 - 10) after the tap is shut off and is slow to turn on when a tap is opened. I suspect the pressure switch in the pump is going (or maybe the diaphragm, I am no expert) .  I have a complete spare pump so it is just a matter of working in a very small space in one of the outside bins to replace it. It is (naturally) on the side that is exposed to the wind. We filled the water tank once when the park's well (or underground storage tank, I am not sure) was almost empty and sucking up a bit of mud so that might have something to do with it. Maybe later today or maybe manana.

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  1. Nice to have the spare part. You are way more organized than I!