Thursday, March 8, 2012

Update On Shooting

I just got an update from Cheryl. They are safe and sound in Webers RV Park in San Miguel de Allende. They say they they were surrounded by a crowd before they could even back into their space by people who had read the story on RV,net or on my Blog. 

Yes, they reported the incident to the police. Yes, they did memorize the plate number and passed it on to the police. Yes, there is a big bullet hole in the windshield, a dent on the hood where the bullet hit first and a dent in the fender and bumper where they ran into the VW when it cut them off. They are going to stay in SMA for a few days until they stop shaking and they are going to the USA Embassy there to make a report.

They say to thank everyone for their concern. 

Here is a photo of the bullet hole in the windshield and the dent in the hood where it hit first! Too close for comfort!


  1. glad to hear they are safe and for the update

  2. Sorry, Croft. But I to believe that danger is too close for comfort in Mexico now. I believe it is getting worse instead of better. You know of our experience with the bandits, two truckloads of them with AK-47's. They were probably amateurs since they stopped the first 2 RVs in an 18 RV caravan, demanded 1 million pesos and settled for 2,000. If they had been smart they would have picked off the last 2 RVs!

    By the way, did they turn the tag numbers over to the military? I think they would do more than the police.

  3. Good for you for posting and following thru!

  4. Croft, where did this happen I have no idea where Rancho Hermanos Graham at Aqua Dulce is? Were they on a toll road?


  5. It is west of Villahermosa near La Venta. The incident took place on a toll road.

  6. I think I agree with Kevin on this one. The "fear mongering" aspect tends to outweigh the need to know.
    Here's a "fer instance" (or three):
    Many years ago, a school friend was mugged in New York City. This was back in the early 80s. Of course, there was no internet back then, and so there were very few people outside of immediate family and friends who would have ever heard of this. He didn't bother with the cops. What was he going to tell them? That he was out of pocket 20 bucks?
    Nowadays it would be all over twitter/facebook/what have you. So, did he high tail it out of New York? Um no, not only did he continue his studies there (went to Julliard) as a matter of fact he still lives in the area (out in Westchester County) and goes in to the city every day.
    Getting mugged can be part of life in NYC. Sh*t happens.
    We heard tell of folks "falling down" in front of cars in Springfield Massachussets and then claiming they had been run over. (a local scam) That doesn't mean we didn't visit there when my sister was there with her husband. What about that "massacre" in Montreal a few years back?
    Oh wait! 40 people got killed by tornadoes in the States! Oh my GOD! We'd better not go to those places or we'll die!

    For those who don't want to go to Mexico, good on ya! I'm happy for you! *STAY HOME*. As a matter of fact, don't even go outside.

    Whether or not my wife and I ever get to Mexico or not is more dependant on price and accommodations over personal safety. Of course, if I want to get warmed up, Cuba is always an option. I guess I wouldn't be seeing anyone there slagging on Mexico, now would I?

    The internet is a mixed blessing. Sometimes too much info (for some folks) can be overwhelming.

  7. Happy to hear they are safe in SMA.

    Croft, I know that you and Norma will make it home safely. You have done this enough times and know what precautions to take.

    Thanks for the update.

  8. Glad to hear the folks are safe but that bullet was waaayyy too close for comfort. They weren't fooling around! It's not pretty to imagine them hitting the driver.

    Take care! LOTS of care. And good luck.

  9. Croft -- I want you to know that dear husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed your blogs. Your blog and TiogaGeorge's blog are two of our favorites. If you have the time, please continue your blog. We have become tired of big Mexico resorts and Mexico cruises and are looking at other ways to see Mexico, and we do RV but have never done so in Mexico. But I have to ask this question. Is it just a coincidence that all this trouble is breaking loose now so close in time (i.e., your friends' carjacking and the shootouts at the border Wed. and Thurs. of this week) when so many people are traveling north from their winter hiatus?

    Take care, so that we may hear from you again.

    Dee from South Carolina

  10. Croft, I have left your message on the La Penita facebook page. That will get to a lot of readers, although these people travel on the other side of the country.