Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Problem Solved!

I dropped the Mazda off at the Goodyear shop at 9:00 AM. They told me (at least I think they told me, it was in rapid Spanish) that the emergency brake was dragging and it would be ready in three hours. I took a cab back to the Hotel and then walked back to the shop at noon. they had it finished and were out for a test drive. They replaced the rear brakes and turned the disks. The total bill was $990 Pesos or about $77 dollars. Shop time is $19 per hour and they charged me for one hour plus parts and the outsourcing of the the turning. Not bad! Did I mention? Shop time is $250 pesos or $19 dollars per hour!!

Now if we can just get Norma fixed. We have paid for two more nights and if it is not a lot better by then we will get an X-ray done at our own expense (they are cheap here) and find a doctor to read it (also cheap). Chris will drive over from Monterrey to help out. In the meantime keep your fingers crossed.


  1. Hi Croft and Norma:
    There must be someone who speaks English in a Doctor's office that close to the border. See a Doctor, get an x-ray and find out what's going on. You are right it is dirt cheap but will your medical at home refuse to pay if it turns out to be something serious and you didn't go through them right from the start. Travel medical does love to deny claims for any reason. Hopefully nothing is broken.

  2. We are so sorry to hear of Norma's fall.

    Wishing a speedy recovery for your sweet bride.

    Take care, Croft ... TnT

  3. Hi Croft and Norma,

    so sorry to read about Norma. Fingers crossed nothing is broken.