Monday, March 19, 2012

Arco Norte to San Louis Potosi

Today was a much better driving day! The Arco Norte is a great road, only showing wear in a few little places. It has a 110 KPH speed limit and I kept it at a pretty steady 95, good for putting the miles, oops, kilometres, behind us.

We stopped at a roadside stand near San Miguel de Allende for a cup of fresh strawberries and real cream each and also to purchase a years supply of strawberry pancake syrup and jam.

From there it was a clear shot to San Lois Potosi where we are parked in a huge Pemex truck stop. There is a Church's Chicken and a Papa John.s Pizza attached so that was where we ate. You can tell we are getting close to the border!

We are about 500 KM from Saltillo where we will stay in an RV park for a couple of nights and where we shall meet our friends from Monterrey. We really enjoy the short times we get to visit with Chris and Juan. We will have fun trading stories!

The check engine light is still on but if you read the comments from yesterday you will see it is a common problem for the V-10 and not one which many people worry too much about.


Map picture


  1. Croft - you might try disconnecting the battery for 10-15 minutes. This often resets things that have flipped inadvertently like the sensor(s) affected by the altitude changes. Just a thought amigo.

  2. Oh how I miss those fresas con crema! I wish we could join you - they were delicious. Sorry for the vehicle problems.