Monday, March 5, 2012

Still Here

Living a very quiet life here. We have pretty much been by ourselves lately except for Frank and Cheryl, a couple from Alaska who were here for a couple of nights. We enjoyed a happy hour with them followed by dinner at the park's restaurant. It was nice to be able to speak English for a while! They were kindred spirits politically as well and that is always a treat!

The water pump is still working so I guess I did it right. I got to thinking (always dangerous) that maybe the significant amount of bleach I add to the tank every time I fill it might have a detrimental effect on the rubber parts of the pump.

Our StarChoice signal is weakening again I went out and looked up. There is a palm tree branch way up that might be in the way. It is too high to "fix' and I cannot move the dish slightly forward to avoid it as it is already near the seawall. It will take a complete move of the dish to the front and side of the motorhome to find clear sky and that would put the dish in the wind and also a little close to the next site, not that they are lining up to move in there. That may become our project for today.

We went grocery shopping yesterday in a tropical rainstorm. It was so loud hitting the roof of the Soriana store that you could not talk inside! It had quit by the time we left the store and the sun was out again.

Starchoice move completed and getting a good signal. Now if I can just keep from running into it!



  1. Knowing that we have the same political views, I'm kinda guessing Sarah Palin came up (vomit) when discussing things with the couple from Alaska! Two weeks and we'll be heading for Cuba, lots of things coming with us as usual! Will have a Mojito or 3 for you and Norma! Kelly

  2. Yes, Sarah's name was fondly (!) mentioned. They said "cutesy" goes a long way in Alaska and that was the only reason she got elected for anything.

  3. Once you've decided, let me know your trip plan.

  4. Hey you have the same grill we do! The big red one.

    Methinks that you are encamped there for a loooong time. Good for you.

    Well done with the Star Choice move.

  5. When we bought the motorhome from Camping World in El Paso they gave us a $300 coupon to spend in their store. The BBQ was one of the things we bought with it.

  6. Good work with the satellite dish move. Gotta have that news from back home, eh? Hockey too?


  7. Hockey and USA Primaries!

    The dish is way out there because of all the palm trees in the park. Open sky is a scarce commodity.