Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our Little RV Park On Chetumal Bay

We are parked between the palms near the bottom of the photo. You can see the pool and the restaurant.

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  1. You could throw a rock into Belize from there so I was wondering if you ever venture down?

    I used to love crossing that border, driving a hundred meters, and I could understand what everyone was saying.


  2. We looked into a trip into Belize two years ago and there are a couple of problems. It is impossible to get collision insurance when you cross the border. It must be applied for once you are in Belize. This makes it impossible to take the expensive motorhome into Belize.

    We then considered leaving the MH in Mexico and taking the car across, staying in hotels. However, it is against mexico law for a tourist on a temporary visa to leave a vehicle in mexico if the visa holder leaves the country. Also, the vehicles are tied to the temporary visas which must be turned in when we leave Mexico and a new visa (with a different number) issued when we come back. Would we be caught? Probably not but if we were it would make it very difficult to take the vehicles out of Mexico in April and we might be barred from coming back to Mexico. Too much trouble and risk.

  3. That appears to be the exact same spot we parked when we were there. Right on the sea wall, under the palms, about halfway between the fake canon on our left (as you face the bay) and the boat launch ramp on the right. A really GREAT spot! Wish we were still there instead of sitting in Harlingen. Car problems finally solved today. Hard to believe the accident happened on Jan 28. So long ago. Transport should begin tomorrow morning. Can't wait to get it back and go home.