Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What's Going On?

I am sure you are wondering why we are still in Saltillo and not posting much. Well, something IS going on!

The last night Chris and Juan were here Norma fell on the gravel parking lot between our RV's. She could not walk after the fall so I carried her into the motorhome. She landed on the butt attached to the same hip she broke and had repaired six years ago so of course the fear was that she had re-damaged that hip. It did not hurt unless she put weight on it and she said the pain was centered more in the butt cheek and not in the hip. She wanted a couple of days to see if it improved before we headed to the hospital.

Well, it does seem to be improving although not as quickly as I would like to see so we are giving it a couple more days before we move. The way she is, it would be very tough for her to climb down into the seating area of the motorhome to travel. We will also be hitting the border the first day and when they put the RV through the x-ray machine, they make us get out and walk 50 feet away. She would have a great deal of trouble doing this.

So, we will wait here until she is more mobile or we decide she has to have it looked at. In that case we may ask Chris or Juan to drive over from Monterrey to help us with the Spanish required in the hospital. It is a one hour drive but they have kindly offered to do this.

On another front, the rear end of the Mazda has started to make a grinding noise when we are driving or towing it. I thought it was accumulated dirt in the brakes but now I think it might be bearings. There is a Goodyear shop just down the street so I will take it in there in the morning to see if they can fix it. One thing after another!

Like Marvin Gaye says, "What's Goin' On"?


  1. Sorry to hear of Norma's accident. Hopefully its just a sprain and nothing else. We wish her a speedy(er) recovery.

  2. We hope that she gets better soon, and that it's not anything serious.

  3. Norma -- Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Croft -- My Grandmother use to say that surprise events happen in threes. With the Mazda problem, I think you are on your third one. So there shouldn't be anymore surprises for a while.

    Dee in South Carolina

  4. Norma, get well soon. Kathe

  5. Let me know when. We may just come up for lunch in the meantime. Keep me posted.

    As for the car, it's a wheel bearing. I know that sound :)

  6. So sorry this had to happen Norma. Painful I'm sure. Hopefully it is just a huge nasty bruise and 1000mg of anti-inflammatories per day will get it healing soon. I'm sure you are already sitting on ice, yuck!!

  7. Sheesh Croft! So much stuff going on. Sure hope you get positive and quick resolutions to Norma's injury and to fixing the Mazda.

    Wishing you some happy trails...and soon!

  8. Hope you are up and around soon Norma. Sure is nice to know that Chris and Juan are not too far away if you need help.

  9. I just want to add my hopes that Norma recovers quickly. Falling isn't funny when you are over 40!

  10. What type of medical insurance do you travel with?
    We are Canadians too and want to make sure we are covered for any problems..
    Just wondering?
    Hope your wife will be ok.

  11. Here's hoping Norma has not broken anything and will be much better soon.

  12. I hope Norma is feeling better quickly. Take care!
    Sue & Tobey