Thursday, March 29, 2012

She Is Getting Better!

Norma was actually walking today! Not far but from the bedroom out to the kitchen and living area and back. She also felt good enough to complain about my housekeeping. In any case, she could not have done this if anything was broken so I guess it was as she said, just a bad bruise (or whatever).

We will stick around a couple more days, maybe until the 1st and then hit the border. It has been a stressful few days. That will give us two or three weeks to get home. We have to have our taxes mailed by April 30 so that is our deadline. It will take me a day or two to do the taxes.

We have to get the propane leak fixed on the way home. Maybe in San Antonio and I have to buy a new desktop computer for home as well. mine crashed and burned just before we left in November. We also need two new 6 volt golf cart batteries from Sam's Club.

Things are looking better! Thanks for all the kind words and concern!


  1. LOL, yep, you know someone is getting better when they are complaining about the housekeeping! That's great news! I hope Norma just keeps improving.

  2. Why do you have to rush home for taxes? You only have to file by April 30 if you owe them money. If they owe you, you can take as long as you like. So provided you can (over) estimate your amount owing you can send them payment before April 30, and take your time getting home.

    Don't you do it all electronically anyhow? I've already done mine from Mexico.

  3. Thanks Kevin, my niece told me the same thing. We have the complication of having to declare capital gains and our income comes from several sources, all of whom send paper statements in the mail. We have to actually be there.

  4. Glad to know she's doing better. I'm wondering if she might have a stress fracture.

  5. Thanks for the update, Croft !!

    Norma has been on our minds the last couple of days !!

    The propane leak and the computer are just minor inconveniences compared to the pain of a loved one, aren't they ...

    Take care, and give your sweet wife a big hug from all your cyber friends ...


  6. Croft -- It's great that Norma is better. Just as a precaution, maybe you can find a medical supply place nearby that will have a pair of adjustable crutches to take some of the pressure off of that injured side until she fully recovers.

    Dee in South Carolina