Wednesday, March 21, 2012


We are safe and sound in Saltillo after an uneventful 250 KM drive. The directions in the Church’s guide to the Imperial Hotel and RV Park are a little confusing to say the least! This may have been partly my fault as I tried to let the GPS assist me as well as Norma reading the directions. I probably should have just turned the GPS off. We ended up driving past the turnoff while looking for their landmarks. As soon as we did this the lady in the GPS started complaining and telling me to make a u-turn. I did this (divided highway) and the first exit was the street the hotel was on. From then it was simple.

We checked in and paid $350 pesos per day for five days. There is no weekly rate and the RV rate posted on the wall actually reads $460 pesos per day! I guess that is just there to keep undesirables out. We can always add a couple of days later.

Our friends will arrive tomorrow. There is one other motorhome in the park. It is a couple from Minnesota who read this Blog! They are just on their way down to the Yucatan.

Map picture


  1. Croft -- I found and started reading your blog just this 2011-2012 year. Would you be kind enough to provide me your current opinion and review of the Imperial after you leave? You have probably reviewed it before, but I did not have the benefit of reading the review.

    Dee in South Carolina

  2. We arrived yesterday at noon, sat around and talked with Croft and Norma, took a long nap and Norma fixed a wonderful dinner. She really knows how to cook.

    Croft did his part by keeping the wine flowing.

    Imperial is a nice place, quiet, good electric, easy access in and out. Wifi not to hot though. For us boondockers a bit pricey but worth it to visit with friends.