Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Las Palmas Hotel, Matehuala

It was a short drive today from San Louis Potosi to Matehuala. We are meeting our friends Chris and Juan in Saltillo but they are delayed by having to make a quick trip up to the USA. This gives us a little extra time.

Matehuala is just a few kilometers north of the Tropic of Cancer. This is a significant marker for me because it tells me that I am really on my way home. I love the Tropics and I think my body and personality are suited for life in the Tropics. I may have been born at the wrong latitude!

We really like the Las Palmas! It is right on the Old Highway 57 that Matehuala is built on. The sign is huge and can be seen from far away. It is a very old sign, reminiscent of the old Route 66 signs.  Out back of the Hotel is the RV park which is really just a gravel parking lot with hookups. The water is good, the pressure is good, the electric is good and there are plenty of sewer connections. There are also spotless showers with tons of hot water. Everything works. Only seasoned Mexico travelers will appreciate this.

The hotel has a great restaurant. It is not cheap by Mexican standards but it is by Canadian standards. We went tonight and our meals were great. I had shrimp enchiladas and Norma had ham steak. With a glass of house wine each, the bill was $345 pesos or $27. The waiters are very good, they are dressed in tuxedos, the tables have white tablecloths and the silverware is actually silver (plated anyway). I once said something nice about the restaurant on RV.net and got the immediate response that it was too expensive for Mexico.  In my opinion, it is not. It is good value for the money.

One funny thing though. We are getting close to the border so they have English menus for English speaking customers and most of the waiters know at least a little English. I surprised them by ordering off the English menu in Spanish! The waiter thought that was pretty good!

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  1. It was probably me who said it was too expensive for Mexico! But then I also think that the Las Palmas Hotel is too expensive for an RV parking spot. But, it's all perspective. For those who have lots of money, it's not an issue.

  2. Kevin, if we had this meal at our neighborhood pub back home it would have been at least $45. With 15% tip added to both that means the meal at Las Palmas was less than half price.

    The RV park is $280 pesos or $22 per night and there is a nice, well maintained pool and the staff is friendly and helpful.

    We do not have a ton of money but like you say, it is all perspective.

  3. Croft
    You certainly gave a good overview and a good deal is a good deal, notwithstanding the naysayers. Every stop doesn't have to be on the cheap. Enjoy!
    Bill in Nebr.

  4. Sounds like a lovely place. I'll join you one year:)

  5. Just got home from McAllen. We will be leaving the house tomorrow trailer in tow at 9 a.m. We should be at Imperial in time for lunch!

    See you then.