Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Missing Eagles

It seems the pair of nesting eagles who have lived in our back yard for several years are not there this summer! I have been watching their tree and there has been no sign of them. I don't know if something has happened to them or if they have simply moved on. I hope neither of these is the case and I will keep watching for them. I hope they show up.

Here they are last year:


  1. Maybe they are just taking a summer vacation.

  2. Maybe they have gone fishing! I do hope they come back as we have spent many hours watching them live their lives.

  3. Only Mother Nature knows but I do hope all is well.......natural beauty is priceless!

  4. They are beautiful - fingers crossed that they will return.

    We have a male peacock living on our street and he disappeared last fall. He was gone all winter and reappeared in early spring. No idea where he went, but we really missed him and were thrilled when he returned. Here's hoping your eagles return soon.