Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother’s Day

We drove down to Brooks and LindaLee's in Shawnigan lake on Sunday morning for Mother's Day. They had planned to come up for a visit but got the go-ahead for a job that they had to prepare for. It is a $25K fence that requires pre-stained wood. They hate doing these because it is so messy and time consuming but they are about the only fencing company on the lower Island that will do it. Right now things are slow because customers are waiting for the latest sales tax changes in BC to complete so right now, a job is a job and you don’t turn them down because you have to get dirty.

It is always a nice drive down Island and they had made reservations at a very nice restaurant near their house. It was a fairly early night as they had to get up early to start spraying so we were on the road home before ten. It was a nice break, a good visit and a great meal! Thanks guys!


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