Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The X-Ray

Norma got her X-Ray last Tuesday and was told the results would be sent to her doctor within four days. Today is one week and we had heard nothing. We called the doctor's office and were told the doctor had seen the x-rays and the fact that he had not called meant there was no problem. This is strange because she could put no weight at all on that hip and leg for two weeks and it was very tender for another two weeks. She is now walking pretty much normally but is still not convinced there is nothing wrong. We will give it a couple of weeks to see which direction the healing goes.

There was no bruising visible at any time so I don't know how it could be anything BUT a re-injury to the hip. Maybe there was and it healed itself in the six weeks since she fell. She always has healed quickly. Time will tell!


  1. Keep us posted. Hoping for the best for Norma. It's the pits as we get older how little mishaps aren't so little.
    Bill in Nebr.

  2. I suggest you monitor the situation closely.