Saturday, May 19, 2012

Visit from Les

Our friend Les AKA "Mexico Kid" lives down the road in Nanaimo.  He emailed a few days ago to ask if I would give him a hand doing a few repairs in his motorhome and installing new batteries. I have all the tools and like working on this stuff so we made a date and he drove up yesterday. We had a nice visit and got all the jobs done.

While Les and I were working on the motorhome, Norma busied herself detailing the old Honda. Over the winter it developed a leak in the sun roof and there was a half inch of water on the floor when we got home in April. Mold had set in and it was a real mess! We dried it out and yesterday Norma attacked the mold with an assortment of weapons from a bleach solution to the vacuum cleaner. She did a great job and actually got it all out. When Les and I finished our work, I treated the old Honda to a new battery and it seems to be running pretty good for it's age. It is a 1989 with almost 300,000 KM on it. The age makes it almost a "classic" These old things just refuse to die! It is in desperate need of a paint job which it just might get in Mexico next winter.

Before Les left for home he treated us to a delicious fish and chips meal down on the dock. It was a great day!

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