Sunday, May 6, 2012

Updating Garmin

The Garmin 1350 I bought two years ago from Costco came with lifetime map updates. About twice a year Garmin releases their updated maps and I have to hook the GPS to the computer and update it. That is what I am doing today as I watch the NASCAR race from Talladega. A nice relaxing day.

Bathroom Project

Yesterday I changed out the main bathroom exhaust fan. It quit working sometime over the winter and that is no surprise because it is at least 25 years old. I took the old one out and took it down to Home Depot to try to find a replacement. I was surprised to see these things come in a huge range of prices all the way from $20 to $300! The ones at the top end have a heater, a light and a humidity sensor that turns them on and off automatically. I opted for the $20 model but don't tell Norma. Her theory is, the more you pay, the better it is, but this one does everything I want (moves air outside) and I do not need one that wipes my butt for me.

The new ones are all either a little bigger or a little smaller than the old one. Going bigger would involve cutting a larger hole in the ceiling and probably having to do some work up in the attic which I wanted to avoid. I went for a unit that was a tiny bit smaller but after I installed it, discovered the plastic cover for the unit did not quite cover the hole in the ceiling. I solved the problem by modifying and reusing the cover from the old unit. It is a little yellowed with age and if we do not like it after a few days, I will take it down and spray it white.

I am giving myself the rest of the day off.


  1. Do something positive for a change ...go watch the KINGS kick butt!!!!! Les

  2. Sorry Les, my heart is no longer in it!

  3. Thanks for your comment on Les' blog. I have taken it to heart and admitted to my error.

  4. Good work on replacing the fan. Those little jobs sometimes take on a life of their own if you aren't careful!

  5. Elaine, the "groan" was for the dumb play on words of the story in Les' Blog, not your comment!