Tuesday, May 8, 2012

X-Ray Day

Norma finally got her hip x-ray'd. She fell on March 22 in Mexico. It did not hurt all that much as long as she kept her weight off it and she wanted to get home to have her own specialist look at it so she just took it very easy and we came home. Since we got home it has been slowly but steadily improving but still needs looking at. We called our GP late last week and got an appointment for this morning. The GP agreed she needed an x-ray and gave her the paperwork. We walked across the street to the hospital and checked in to the imaging department. We took a seat and 45 minutes later they took her in for her x-ray. The results will be analysed and sent over to her doctor. We will hear back within a week.

She also asked him how she could gain weight. It is really hard to find fattening food these days! Everything is marked "Low Cal", Reduced Fat" or some equivalent claim that it will make you skinny. If you are already too skinny, it is tough. He told her to simply eat more pasta and high protein food. I have been telling her this for years but she has always eaten portions about 1/4 - 1/2 the size of mine and she skips far too many meals altogether. She has to listen to all the diet advice out there and do the opposite! At least she recognizes the problem now.

Going to Mexico does not help in this endeavor. Even I loose weight down there as a result of the better quality food available and the smaller portions in restaurants. The warm (hot) climate encourages a lower food intake as well and it was warm this year. Right now my pants are falling down and I am breaking in a new hole in my belt. Don't worry I will be back up to my "fighting weight" before long.

* This is MY x-ray, not hers.


  1. Coffee and cigarettes are big appetite suppressants...

    Hope the X-rays come back with good news. Two months is a long time to be in pain!

  2. Hmmm....Croft you are not drinking enough margaritas....weight gaining!!!!!

    Colin increased his weight by adding good quality peanut butter and an avocado to his daily food intake. Made a huge difference and you know how thin he is now!!!

  3. Here in Austria there is an actual doctor who takes your x-rays (such as is the case of a mammogram) and then the results are immediately looked at (it's a doctor after all) and then you take your x-rays with you, to be brought back for the next time if need be.
    I could never figure out what the mystery is with our (Canadian) system. What is the patient waiting for exactly? Plus, there's also the possibility that NOBODY even looks at the results until you show up for the second appointment.
    The health care is "Universal" I suppose, but still not something I would consider the best.

  4. That is almost the the way it works in Mexico as well Bob. You go to an x-ray clinic, get the x-ray right away and walk it over to a doctor who reads it. Everything done the same day.

    In the case of an emergency it actually performs better in Canada. Results are available for examination immediately.

  5. When I saw my hip specialist last April, after waiting 10 months to see him, he had me go downstairs to have an x-ray. By the time I went back up to his office he had already seen the x-ray, computerized. I was amazed as I figured I would have to book the x-ray and also book another appt. to see the Dr.

  6. Croft, your X-Ray came out very clear.

    Sure hope Norma gets a positive result with her X-Ray...and that she feels better soon.