Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Motorhome Is Back Home

I must admit I reacted a little quickly when I discovered the fridge would not run. I would normally do a few more checks myself before sending it off to the repair shop. To be fair to myself, I was a little squeezed for time because if I didn't take advantage of a cancellation yesterday morning, I would have had to wait a week to get it in and that would have been cutting it way too close.

We drove it down late Monday afternoon and left in overnight so they could start on it first thing Tuesday. I explained the problem, asking them to fix the fridge and to make sure the water heater and furnace worked properly.

They called shortly before closing time to say it was ready. I nervously asked the cost and was told $119. Humm, doesn't sound like enough. I asked what they found and was told, "Nothing, everything works fine, you are ready to go". I reminded him that the fridge did not work when I left home and he said, "Well, it is working now". I asked him to plug it in and let the fridge run overnight just to be sure and I would pick it up this morning.

We drove down, saw the manager and told him we wanted to go into the rig and check everything out for ourselves. The fridge was working fine with the freezer freezing. The water heater fired up, although it took two tries and the furnace blew hot air. I questioned the technician and he said the bathroom GFI was tripped and that provides power to the fridge. Well, that might explain why it did not work on electric but why wouldn't it work on gas? He just shrugged and said everything worked. Maybe it just got a chance to dry out.

I topped up the fuel and propane tanks and brought it home, parking it in the driveway where it is convenient to load. I plugged it in and the fridge switched to electric. Everything works.

We will start loading it but probably will not leave Campbell River until November 7th. It is a day or so later than we planned but we both want to watch the USA election on the night of the 6th. We will spend Wednesday night in the Black Ball Ferry parking lot in downtown Victoria and have dinner with Brooks, Linda Lee and Linda Lee's parents. One week to go!


  1. Hmm. Has it been really wet lately? I had a real hard time when I was at your place with my water heater and while we did determine my circuit board was bad, a big part of the problem was the dampness. I have a hard time lighting it whenever it is damp out, no matter where I am. You could have been having the same issue with your fridge and it's just a coincidence that you tripped your GFI at the same time.

    That reminds me, I need to blog about my solar array troubleshooting. :)

    1. I suspect you are correct Rae. It has really been wet and I have not fired up the water heater since April. The fridge could have been affected by the dampness as well. If I had the time, I would have fired up my heavy duty hair dryer and dried the whole compartment out and tried again. I knew there could not be much wrong because it had been running well most of the summer.

  2. I was actually wondering why you were on the road on the 6th!! Good decision.