Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It Was The Tope!

Remember that huge tope we hit doing about 50 near Chetumal last year? Well that is what caused the problem with the front tire wear. The camber was out which means both front tires were leaning in a little at the tops, putting more pressure on the inside of the tire.

Manuel at Les Schwab drove the rig into the alignment area and did his check. He came out to tell me it needed new bushings and he could fix it for $152. It took him about an hour and a half and we drove it back to the RV park before the sun went down.

Tomorrow we will head south again and see where we get. No plans, no reservations.


  1. No surprise there. We hit a bad one once with the motorhome. I'm pretty sure the rear tires left the ground, so you can imagine what it must have done to the front ones!

    By the way, Whit and Jan said "hi"! They stopped in here at Hacienda Contreras for a couple of days.

  2. Are you two enjoying this amazing California weather?
    Except for one or two cloudy days, it's been BEAUTIFUL since we arrived three weeks ago.

    We actually flipped thru all the tv stations on election night and stopped on FOX every once in awhile for a laugh. It was like every other network was covering the US election and the Fox anchors/guests were reporting a completely different race.
    Sad, and kind of embarrassing - but oddly entertaining.