Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lots Happening

To put it simple, Norma is getting "cold feet". She heard that some people are getting all their frozen food seized and questioned on the amounts of other food and booze. She has also been watching the reports of violence. Yes I know someone was killed right here in Casa Grande last night... I know the arguments.

Yes, we are in casa Grande. Long Story. We might end up in Mexico or we might end up in Texas. More to follow...

We have not gotten our visas or anything yet, just the (non-refundable) vehicle insurance.


  1. Hmmm... sounds interesting. I'd probably be a bit apprehensive about Mexico right now as well.

    Either choice will most likely work out o.k. though.

  2. Good luck. Lot's of gun violence all over the southwest USA. I think the risks are at least the same as in the USA, especially near the border on either side. But that is what the cuota is for.

    As to the booze, the limit seems to be 3 liters per person or 6 liters of wine. I guess if you have excess, you have three choices: chance it; hang out in the US and drink the excess; or make some wino's day. I guess the same goes for food.

    Good luck whatever you decide.

  3. Obviously the excuse of having excess food or booze isn't a reason for making a decision not to go, so it's apparent that Norma is nervous about the violence aspect. It's too bad that logic doesn't come into play at all. People get bent out of shape based on media reports and then it becomes an emotional decision rather than a logical one. Very strange how people don't take into account the same news in the U.S.

    I feel bad for you though Croft because I know you'd rather be here! Oh well, being anywhere in the southern U.S. in winter is better than being anywhere in Canada in winter!

  4. I concur with Kevin you know about my one bad time here but it is a personal choice for you and Norma and of course you have read about the two men shot and killed in downtown hotel in the afternoon in Vancouver a couple of days ago...I would love to see you both in SMA be safe and make the choice that works for you both good luck Les

  5. Many from Tres Amigos came thru Lukeville with NO problems re food or booze. We along with many others have had no problem coming thru Nogales and I have 25 cases of wine on board.

    As to violence, I have heard of nothing more than usual. We are finding that things seems better than last year in general and certain better than the few years prior. In the end you have to do what is right for you both. We will respect your decision.

    I suggest rereading all your past blogs and remember how much you do love it here.

  6. Gee Croft, I don't envy your situation. I personally would not hesitate to head into Mexico but Jeanette is more heavily affected by negative reports. Chicago has far more murders than the Mexican border situation and people flock to that city for business and pleasure all the time - and even Burnaby, BC, had a major shooting with 2 shot dead in broad daylight, only two days ago. It's only pure luck that one, or more, innocent bystander(s) was (were) not shot

    Whatever decision you two make will be the best decision. All the best!

  7. I feel the same as Kevin, Donna & I are planning a trip to Mexico after Donna retires in the spring. After 30 plus years in Law Enforcement in the Metro St Louis area,I can tell you any big city in the USA has plenty of homicides. I remember on the 1980's I was camping in Hamilton ON. with a OPP trooper, he mentioned that Toronto was get really bad, that they had almost 40 murders so far this year,(it was August)I told him they had 190 in the St Louis Metro area when I had left and it will be over 200 when I get back. Back then they were about the same size cities.I would bet that in the entire country of mexico there were less than 12 murders involving Canadians/Americans. It is safer for a traveler to be there than New York.AS for the border, it is a crap shoot no matter what border you cross into or out of a country. Depends on the guards mood mostly. Be safe out there and enjoy where ever you end up. Sam & Donna...

  8. After reading the latest State Dept. travel warnings for Mexico I think you should seriously consider not going. Texas is nice (of course I live in TX).

  9. Come on down Amigos! Life is a crap shoot - the odds are no worse here than there. We read about violence and crime in our own town (Puerto Escondido) that would scare off many - all the while we feel very safe and have never had a problem here.

    In the end any of us commenting would have to disclaim that we are in support of whatever you decide as a means of not being thrown to the lions for suggesting an unsafe move. You have to have gobs of good Karma following you - be safe and head on down.