Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vehicle Insurance and Loading Underway

I called Lupita at San Xavier Mecico Insurance in Nogales, AZ  this morning and purchased six months of coverage for the motorhome, dolly and Honda. The total cost was $728. When we get back we send proof to ICBC that we were out of their jurisdiction and will receive a refund for all the days we were in Mexico. This refund will amount to far more than that $728.

Norma is busy trying to stuff every piece of clothing she owns into the motorhome. It is a job I do not even offer to help with! I just hope she leaves room for my ten t-shirts and five pair of shorts.

The US election is under way and the first results have been posted. It is a 5-5 tie in a tiny town in the NE where polls are opened at midnight so they can always be the first to report. It will be a long day.

My prediction is a comfortable win for Obama. I will go out on a limb and say he will win 285 Electoral College votes. 270 are required to win. I have my Obama t-shirt ready to wear when we cross the border!

Go Obama!!!


  1. Well, I sure hope you are right. I live in such a right-wing area that it skews my perceptions.

  2. I'm with Don....sure hope you are right! Weather is delightful in Villa Corona....come on down.

  3. Amen! I haven't been to the USA in years, but tonight is so important, to the whole world. Hopefully, by tomorrow morning, I'll be reinforcing my bird's chant, "Obama Gana!" (She said it a lot four years ago.)

  4. Whenever you post about Norma fitting her clothes into the rig, I remember how much her clothes weighs and how many trips she had me do! :)

  5. I read about that town and this tie is a first ever.