Monday, November 26, 2012

Still Here in Yuma

Well, we are still here. The guy who was supposed to come to service the generator called this morning to say he was sick and could he come tomorrow morning instead. No problem, sick is a good enough reason. We talked to our friends Muff and Val and decided to go out for a nice dinner tonight. We went to the Olive Garden, had dinner and a glass of wine and headed home.

The generator guy is supposed to be here at 8:30 and check out is 11:00. If he is done in time we will head out for Ajo, AZ for the night and get ready to cross the border. Good times ahead!


  1. We are awaiting your arrival. Got a report yesterday that Cerritos is the only RV park with several RV's. The rest are quite empty.

  2. Yuma is a pretty good place to have to wait out an RV techie. The weather is nicer than here on the wet coast!

  3. Wow, almost there. We should be going early next week (further south that is)

  4. Croft - do you have your visitors permit? IS it valid for 6 months? Lots of STUFF going on with changing laws on the visa front down here.

    1. OK went back and read this from the 19th , "It is 9:00 AM and I am trying to get Norma motivated to head to Algodones, MX to pick up our FMM's (Mexico Tourist Visas) at the Migration office there. It will be a lot easier than doing it at Sonoyta."

      So your tourist visa is called ? currently - and it is valid for 6 months?