Friday, November 16, 2012

Parker, AZ

We decided to drive all the way to Parker today so were on the road for over nine hours (seven hours driving and 2 breaks), the last hour in the dark. We could have stopped half or two thirds of the way but we wanted to be first in line in the morning to get the Honda’s A/C serviced. We had to buy enough gas at Needles, CA to get us into Arizona where gas is cheaper. I put in $50 worth at $4.59 and when we got to Parker, I filled up at $3.56. A dollar and three cents per gallon cheaper!

We are bedded down at the very RV friendly Walmart in Parker and Norma is over getting something to microwave for dinner.

I am keeping this brief as the Internet is REALLY bad here and I don’t want it to drop off before I hit “Publish”!


  1. That wine in Idaho is 2.97/bottle, no roll backs. Noted...we will conserve fuel till we get to Parker. Spent 4.09/gallon for diesel today, haven't seen anything cheaper, perhaps tomorrow in Wells, Nevada. Good luck with the A/C repair.

  2. That is a very rv friendly Walmart. GaS $3.22 here in Florida. Safe travels.

  3. Quite an array of gas prices. Of course throughout Mexico gas is one price (currently about the same as the Yates in Florida). One price saves a lot of travel anxiety I think ;-). Hope you hit Mexico soon amigo.