Thursday, December 12, 2013

Back To Kingsville

Well, they inspected and tested and concluded that the parking brake which is located between the transmission and the drive shaft is, "falling apart". The bad news is, they cannot fit the MH on their hoist so they gave me the name of another Ford dealer, this time in Kingsville which we passed through about 30 miles back. I called them and the bad news is, they can't look at us until Wednesday. The good news is, they have a hookup that "may" be available for us to use.

We called AAA back and they are sending another tow truck this afternoon. We will spend the next few nights in Kingsville, TX. Yipee! Oh yes, the dealer here only charged us half of the $200 diagnostics fee as they could not do the repairs. Small blessings.

Stay tuned


  1. Sounds like it is all working out. To hang around and wait seems to be par for the course with these things. All the best on that front! Got any of that fine scotch left????

    1. Rene', with the help of Juan, Chris and Wandering Mike, the single malt is disposed of. I thought it was a winter's supply but it did not quite make it! I should have bought two of them! It sure was good!

  2. It was a very good single malt, I can vouch for that. The good thing is, your being taken care of with the tow truck and if the hookup come through even better. Keep us posted, fingers are crossed this isn't too big of an expense.

  3. Good news - sort of…… that's a bit of a wait! Sheesh!

  4. Best of luck with this. At least you made it to somewhere warmish!