Sunday, December 15, 2013

Progreso, Mexico

About a week ago while we were still in Alamo, I discovered that I had left half of my cholesterol medication at home in Campbell River. I was faced with a couple of choices, 1) have my doctor FAX a pharmacy in Texas and hope they would honor a Canadian prescription or 2) simply walk across the border and buy it over the counter in Mexico. I chose the latter.

Juan, Chris and Mike decided to come with me and off we went, parking in a large lot on the US side and walking across the bridge. We stopped at a large Farmacia and asked for Lipitor. They had it but wanted $115 US for the 60 pills I needed (I cut them in half). They did not carry generic. That seemed a little expensive, much more than I pay in Canada so we went on to Susi Farmacia, a small place down the street. Their cost was a little less and as I was resigning myself to paying the owner came out from the back room and asked if I wanted a generic. I said yes and he produced a bottle of 100 pills for $23 US! I snapped it up.

We then continued our walk. It was cold and the streets were wet from last night's rain, not a very nice day. We found a little restaurant and went in for lunch. There was little on the menu for a non meat eater but I satisfied myself with a nice Quesadilla and a cup of instant coffee (yuk).

Progreso is not Mexico. It is a border town where English is the main language and the US dollar the main instrument of exchange. We soon made our way through US customs and back to the RV Park.

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  1. Love the free market when the government isn't in the way! Good for you Croft!

    1. Kind of like when the government stayed out of the way of the banks and Wall Street when they nearly ran the country into the ground and taxpayers had to bail them out?

    2. The government hasn't been out of the way of banks or Wall Street in decades.

  2. Good deal on you pills, it pays to shop around.

  3. Croft, next time you'r in Progresso try the CANADIAN Restorant, about 3/4 way down on the main drag. Have a good winter. We are going to Rincon de Guyabitos, Mexico, not taking any chances with the temperature in the US.