Sunday, December 1, 2013

RGV! Finally!

We are in Alamo in the Rio Grande Valley! We left Del Rio a little late yesterday and the GPS seemed to have a mind of it's own, keeping us away from the border area. It probably knew best as this area can become a little congested on weekends.

We ended up in Alice, TX near sundown and as we really do not like driving in the dark, pulled into a friendly Walmart for the night. It was very quiet and we woke up at after nine. We had breakfast and headed south, arriving in Alamo a little after 2:00.

We checked into the Casa del Valle RV Park but unfortunately, our friends Chris and Juan had already left as they had projects back in Monterrey on Monday. We are in the spot next to them and will keep their little Funfinder trailer company for a few days.

We will use our time here to clean the rig up a little, relax and warm up. It is 80 outside right now and expected to get warmer during the week. We might take a run over to South Padre Island and check out a State Park there. We might end up seeing our friends before we move on after all, we will have to see how their schedule goes.

The area around Alice, Texas is very prosperous right now. Hundreds of pipeline workers and equipment everywhere and dozens of temporary RV parks. Many farmers have run in utilities to an empty field and are renting out spaces at +/- $300 per month. Most appear full. Someone else has bought up dozens of FEMA trailers and is renting them out in one of his fields. There are "Help Wanted" signs everywhere as restaurants compete with pipelines for employees. The highways are full of brand new pickups. It is stark contrast to the Big Bend area where we passed whole towns of closed businesses.

Well, time to go look for the pool!


  1. Nice temps! Lucky! Too bad about Chris and Juan - hope they still make it up to visit with you guys!

  2. Keep an eye on our Funfinder! The pool is very good and the Jacuzzi although small, is very good. Coffee all day in the club house and the walks around the park are great. Nice people, older crowd but fun. We'll be there in the wink of an eye.

  3. Enjoy your warmer temperatures and fun there in the RGV.

  4. Those temps sound pretty inviting. Enjoy the hot weather.

  5. Very pleasant temperatures. The southern Arizona temps are forecast to cool down in the days ahead.

  6. weather sounds about the same as here (for 6 months non-stop ;-) Viva Puerto Escondido!