Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Dinner

We thought about going out for dinner tonight but we had no reservations and suspected it would be a hassle neither of us really wanted. We had a large wild Sockeye Salmon fillet in the freezer so we thawed that out. Norma made some stuffing, cut the salmon fillet in half, piled the stuffing on one side and put the other half on top. She wrapped it in aluminum foil and we put it in the "Half Time Convection Oven". We have never used this oven for anything more adventurous than reheating leftovers and cooking pizzas and frozen dinners so this was a bit of an experiment. We guessed at 375 degrees for 25 minutes and it came out perfect! The fish was moist and delicious. We topped it off with mashed potatoes, green beans, cream corn, cranberry sauce and a glass of wine.

Wow! I am stuffed and we still have half the fish left over for another meal, In New Orleans, LA on Christmas Day, Life Is Good!


  1. A very tasty looking Christmas dinner, enjoy N'awlins.

  2. That was a pretty unique and good looking Christmas Dinner - have a great time in the Big Easy!

  3. That sure looked like an awesome west coast dinner.
    Enjoy your 'Nawlins' day.

  4. We should have followed you down there, that dinner looks fantastic.

    1. Yes, you should have! There was plenty of food!