Saturday, December 7, 2013


I take back everything I said about the weather here in Texas. It is bloody COLD right now as the Arctic Front has it's way with us. It has not been cold enough to freeze the water lines but it has hovered just above freezing for too many days now. It is too cold to travel so we paid up here at Casa Del Valle for another three days and are hunkered down.

We went out for lunch yesterday with Chris and Juan and that has been about it for social outings. This morning Chris' transmission in his SUV packed it in, remaining in neutral no matter what position the gear selector was in. We drove down to the bakery and passed a transmission repair place run by a friendly Mexican family and he gave them a couple of tips on things to check. That did not solve the problem so now he is promising to come to the park tonight, even if it is after closing time. They are stuck here until it is fixed.

Another Blogger, Wandering Mike, pulled in beside us today. I should say "former Blogger" as Mike has not Blogged for some time. We are all going to get together later on and will exchange stories.

Norma is busy making jambalaya for everyone while we are watching curling from Canada. We are living life in the Cold but are taking heart that everyone else is as well as the cold front lingers.


  1. It finally warmed up to 16 C (61 Fahrenheit) today. Finally can sit outdoors and enjoy the sun. We had to unhook our water supply cause our overnights got down to -5 C (27 F). Heading out of here tomorrow for points west.

    Keep warm! The scotch will help!!!!

  2. Same for us south of René where we are east of Whetstone. This cold front has aggravated enough people and needs to go away. At least for us it is ranging around 60º in the day. Still better than home where it can't get out of single digits.

  3. It's only 57 here in Indio, but when the sun's out it's very nice and it's still above freezing overnight. The long pants and light jackets we wore today were too warm. It's supposed to be in the mid 60's from now on, and 70's by next week.

    1. They are calling for mid 60's here next week as well. Let's hope for the best!!

  4. We are also experiencing the cold down here in Mazatlan, went down to 69F last night ~ inside the RV. Had to turn the fans off.

  5. We're heading south Wednesday morning, Croft, so I promise that before I leave I will close the fridge door and turn off the fan blowing the cold Arctic air south to your area.

  6. Always good times when we're together. Cool to meet Mike too!