Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Moving East

We are pulling out this morning and heading east. I am not sure how far we will get, probably not very far, but it is time to go. We are kind of thinking about New Orleans for Christmas, that might be fun but, as usual, we will see what happens.

Chris and Juan are stuck here for a few more days as their transmission troubles are worse than hoped for. The mechanic called to say the transmission fluid is burned, indicating an internal problem. There is little we can do to help them, they just have to wait it out. They were lucky to have stumbled across that little repair shop, the Mexican who owns it seems very competent and will keep their costs down.

Stay tuned!

Well, that didn't last long! Norma got up and surveyed the mess left after several days of entertaining and decided she needed another day to clean, vacuum and make the rig ready to move. It is not that bad really, just not up to her standards. I will enjoy another day of rest as well, a win - win situation. I might even add a post about our walk over to Progreso, MX.


  1. We Enjoy the New Orleans area around Abita Springs, one of our favourite places to hang out. Travel safe after your relaxing day.

  2. Safe travels did I mention hot and sunny in SMA..cheers les