Monday, April 27, 2015

Back In Canada, eh!

The crossing went very well. We had reservations on the Port Angeles - Victoria ferry so there was no stress about not getting on. It was not cheap, $240 US. We used up all the leftover US cash and paid the balance with the credit card.

We were allowed to bring $1,600 CDN in goods home and we had just under $1,500 worth. We had too much booze of course but we were honest in declaring it and the friendly inspector said, "I suspect some of that was already in the RV when you left Canada, right? So you didn't buy ALL of it in the US, right? Welcome home and have a good day."

We drove to Brooks and LindaLee's house, parked and Brooks made a delicious salmon dinner. We will stay here tonight as well and then head home to do taxes! Life is good!


  1. I do find the Canadian Border Inspectors are very forgiving with returning snow bird RVers. We have, so far, had very good outcomes when crossing back into Canada.

  2. Welcome home, glad the crossing went well for you too!

  3. Great news! Nice that your crossing went better this time!