Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Strip

Norma's back is finally feeling better so we added a day onto our stay here and headed down to Harrah's on Las Vegas Boulevard. We followed Shadowmoss' advice and used the free parking garage behind the casino. I had failed in my research and the "Big Elvis" show was dark on Saturday nights, replaced by Karaoke. That held no interest for us so we walked around the casino. Norma found an unoccupied Wheel Of Fortune machine, the one she is usually lucky at, put $60 in and took $140 out! Well, there was our $80 budget for the night (and we stayed within it)!

We walked up the Strip to The Linq but not much was happening there, no free bar shows so we wandered back to a side street and found O'Shay's, a small casino that had a very good two man Blues band playing at the bar. We sat through a set, had a drink and watched people play Table Pong aka "Beer Pong". It looks like fun and we may put one together for our annual lawn party when we get home.

Leaving there, we wandered into Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville where we stopped for a margarita for me and a wine for Norma. This was a much better (more sober) experience that the last one at Cozumel's Mergaritaville and I enjoyed my drink and the atmosphere!

We now found ourselves back at Harrah's where we stopped at the Oyster Bar for a final drink and a shared plate of perfectly fried oysters. I had limited myself to my "less than one drink per hour" rule and was fine to drive home. We had a great time and it was paid for with Norma's winnings!

The biggest margarita in the world:

The bartender was actually dispensing drinks from this huge pitcher. I don't know how many drinks it holds but there must be gallons and gallons of tequila in it. Quickly recovered at $10 per drink.

It was a fun night but the attraction of Las Vegas has kind of worn off for me. It is noisy, crowded and expensive. It is more for much younger people. I am not a gambler which is a good thing because I am not lucky and would quickly eat away at Norma's profits. I put $10 into a penny machine which I generally quickly lose and then walked around watching the action while Norma plays and generally wins at her $1 Wheel Of Fortune machine.


  1. Rae was unable to get her comment to post:

    Google is such a pain; this happens a lot on your blog. It was a really long comment. :( I was just commenting that I found Vegas super cheap when I was there and that I'm surprised you pay for drinks. I would just plonk myself down at a machine, pay pennies into it, and let servers bring me drinks in exchange for $1 tip each time. I tried a whole bunch of mixed drinks that way and figured out that rum is my booze of choice. :)

    1. The servers were leaving the penny slots off their route last night. Norma was offered drinks at her $1 machine but refused as she was running out of hands.

  2. At least you got your fill of Vegas, only took us a few hours and we were done.
    Great for Norma's winning though. we usually just make a donation.

  3. We got our fill of Vegas a few years ago - that is why these days we just drive through. The Vegas Margaritaville is the only one we have been to - sat at the bar and had nachos. Derek and I stayed at the Flamingo - fancy. Glad you had a good time it will be nice to get back on the road I'm sure - interested to see which way you are going home.

  4. Glad the parking garage worked for you. I've not had any issue finding parking spaces at any of the garages around there. I'm thinking I may drive up next time instead of flying. I want to stop a couple of places inbetween, and it is more difficult to do that flying...

  5. Croft could you loan Norma to us - we never win at anything in our home town of Las Vegas.