Saturday, April 11, 2015

Back To Dazzo's

We woke up early this morning for some reason. We decided to get up and get an early start as Norma wanted to watch curling at 1:00 and we had a four hour drive to the next stop, Dazzo's RV Park in Wikieup, AZ. Shadowmoss and her mom were over last night to say goodbye and as we were working this morning the spry 89 year old neighbor behind us knocked to say goodbye. We really enjoyed meeting these women and managed a couple of dinners out with them.

We headed north on a new route, ignoring the complaints of the GPS and eventually found AZ 60 to Wikieup. It was about 1:30 when we pulled into Dazzo's and paid our $10 Passport America rate. We were assigned a pull-through with 30 amps. We are only here for the night and did not bother with water or sewer.

Starchoice is always very easy to set up here. The path to the bird is lined up with the side of the RV and after setting the elevation to 50 degrees, I had it. Easy.

After Norma's game we walked over to the small attached restaurant for a late lunch/early dinner. I had a fish burger and Norma a regular burger. Both were reasonably priced and very good. Norma says she is going over later for one of their Chicago Hot Dogs.

 I don't know what Dazzo's politics are but if items for sale in his restaurant are any indication, it would be interesting to have a conversation with him!

 Norma is coming back later for one of these!

The menu.

OK, OK, I've been called worse!


  1. One of your better portraits Croft....


    Aw, just kidding.

  2. I always think of you guys as we breeze through Wikieup - seems like a strange place to overnight - although the Shell Station at Gila Bend is weird also! Love the last photo of course! Make sure to include a picture next time of Norma eating that huge hot dog!

    1. It is very quiet here, most of the other residents are workers on the highway or some other project and are either in camp or to bed early. The showers are clean and you can't beat $10 a night.

      Norma talked with the neighbours until the restaurant closed so no hot dog!

  3. If I'd seen that menu six months ago, I would have thought, wow, so cheap! Now, all I can think is 'culture shock, here I come'!

    Now, that's two requests of a pic of Norma and the hot dog... :)

  4. I just can't write what comes to mind after seeing that last portrait. I'm laughing too hard I guess.

  5. Looks like and interesting place to stop for the night, and reasonably priced food as well.

  6. Nothing wrong with Dazzo's for an RV overnight. Having the restaurant there is bonus too. We enjoyed our overnight there a couple of years back.