Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Two Lost Days!

We just went two days and one night without Internet! We left the Road Runner RV Park at about 9:30 yesterday morning and headed for the Blue Beacon Truck Wash. It was time for a wash and wax. Their price was $35 but that did not include tire treatment or a final Rain-X spray. The final bill was $48 and it looked really nice until we ran into the first volley of flying insects.

It was a tough day on the road. The stretch of Hwy 93 to Ely gains a lot of altitude so the gas gauge dropped rapidly and we did not have a heck of a lot left when we pulled into Ely at about 4:00. We gassed up and drove to the Prospector Casino RV park but they had no pull throughs left. Not wanting to take the car and dolly off for a one night stay, we ended up in back of the casino in a little used part of their parking lot. It was very nice until we woke up at 3:00 AM FREEZING! It was 39F and our blood is way too thin to handle that extreme temperature! We found a heavy blanket and slept through to eight this morning. They had free WIFI but it did not reach us and I was too tired to worry about it.

A couple of things happened on the way to Ely. First, we were fighting a side wind all day and a large tumbleweed rolled in front of us that I could not avoid. I thought it would disintegrate in a cloud of seeds and twigs but no, these things are tough! The rig actually slowed down as it became enmeshed in either the drive shaft or the wheels/brakes and then it was spit out where the much lower dolly hit it. Aside from loosening one of the wheel straps holding the car down. no damage done but it woke me up.

Shortly after that (and maybe because of it) some minor lightweight stuff fell off the overdead and landed on Norma. Aside from the shock, no harm was done but shortly after that there was a loud noise above my head and the door of the extra fridge flew open. Something heavy (a bottle of juice) hit me on the neck and shoulder. It turned out that a plastic strap I had added to keep the door closed had come off. It was held on with double face tape and I guess the past few months of hot weather had taken its toll and it came loose. I was not hurt and was smart enough to know my first job was to control the vehicle, which I did. Anyway, as you can imagine, we were not in very good moods when we finally got parked.

Norma made up for a bit of this drama by winning $80 at her Wheel Of Fortune machine after dinner! I lost $5. Anyone noticing a trend here?

The drive today to Jackpot, Nevada was much better. It was much flatter and there was very little wind. We pulled into Jackpot at about 2:00, set up the StarChoice so I can watch the Canucks in Game 4 tonight and walked over to the casino. Norma broke her well established trend and lost most of what she won last night. I did as expected and lost $5. This was after also losing the free $15 they applied to each of our players cards when we signed up. Not a good night for us gambling wise and Norma told me not to tell you about her loss but she is still way ahead so it is not a significant loss.

Well, all for now. I am off to watch the game. Who knows where we will be tomorrow night! You will know shortly after I do.


  1. Trust you enjoyed the game as much as I do...I will not say I told you so BUT.......go FLAMES..les

  2. Sounds like a couple days of excitement, never a dull moments for rv'ers. Keep travelling safely.

  3. I understand the gambling trend. I can go through a few bucks in minutes and then have to become a good spectator! Watch out for overhead objects :)

  4. I am sure Norma would be one of the first to admit you cannot ALWAYS win - wouldn't she?

  5. You know the Ducks are going to win it all anyways.

    We don't want that cup to leave LA.


  6. It's time to pour some Vancouver rain on those Flames! Go Norma go! Bring in the cash!