Thursday, April 16, 2015

Quiet Times

We have been quiet here since our trip to the casino. The weather turned windy and very dusty so we did not feel like walking around The Strip in that. It also filled the mororhome up with very fine dust, tons of it. And that lead to the next problem, Norma bent the wrong way to clean and tweaked her back so she is whining around the place.

We had a nice break yesterday when Kevin and Ruth messaged us that they were driving by and were we home? They stopped by and we had a nice chat for an hour before they were on their way again. They are on their way to Saskatchewan where they have a campground hosting job for the summer. It was nice seeing them, it has been a while since we were neighbors at Hacienda Contraras south of Guadalajara.

We are resting again today and if Norma is up to it later, we will head over to Harrah's to see the "Fat Elvis" impressionist. They say he puts on a great show and best of all - it is free. Well, "free" after the valet parking and the mandatory drink or two. If we have to wait till tomorrow that is fine too. She has to learn to stop the gymnastics. Unless she is doing something more "fun" if you get my drift....

Norma, Ruth and Kevin. Not a great photo, I had to lighten it as Kevin's face was shaded by his hat.


  1. Tell Norma a bottle of wine is a good analgesic - a few drops on the back and drink the rest.

    1. Thanks Doctor Bill, we will try it!

  2. Nice that you got to have a visit with Kevin and Ruth, someday we will meet up with them.

  3. No idea how I hurt my back but presently dipping figures in the glass of wine and applying it to my back. Will report in tomorrow to see if it works from the outside In !!! Dr Bill you are great. Norma feel good soon....

  4. You nailed it! Tell Norma to keep her stuntwork confined to the playroom!

  5. Valet parking? Just park in the parking garage behind Harrah's. Drive in from Las Vegas Blvd. between Harrahs and The Link or Quad or whatever they are calling it now. The elevator from the garage goes right to the casino. Free and probably as easy as valet. Can you tell I'm cheap?

  6. We are in Alamo, Nevada and have decided to stay a day before heading up to Jackpot, nice and warm and green here. We too are filled with dust from our stay in Laughlin. I may try to vacuum the place but....I'll be really careful!

  7. Thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule for us ;-), we really enjoyed our quick visit. Hope Norma's back is feeling better.