Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Caravan Experience

When we checked into Freedom Shores we picked out a beautiful spot right on the beachfront. Paul and Dodi were already there and when our friends Claude and Danielle showed up they took another of the prime spots. They cost a little more than the spots away from the water but the view was worth it!

Yesterday a caravan from Quebec showed up and insisted that their reservations included all waterfront spaces. Bill, the owner, told them there was plenty of room for all of them but he could not make paying guests move to accommodate them. The woman running the caravan was very pushy, as we have found most caravan leaders to be. She was not backing down and threatened to take her deposit back and move on for the sake of three spaces. Bill was caught in the middle of her insisting that he kick us out to keep her business of twenty some RV’s for five nights and us insisting that we were paid up and not moving. He resolved the problem by offering the three of us a very good deal on the rest of our stay that we could hardly turn down. He had his workers help us move over to a side row and this particular battle was over. We were still mad but I had to feel very sorry for Bill. He is a really nice guy trying to go out of his way to make everyone happy and his frustration and embarrassment was evident. This has been our overall experience with caravans and I feel fully justified in my campaign to convince people that they do not need them.

Poor Paul and Dodi have received a double punch from them, first having been abandoned at the side of the road by one when Paul got sick and now getting kicked out of his spot by another.

The individual members of the caravan were not to blame as they had no idea of the saga being carried out by their pushy leaders. Their complaint is that, after paying $8000 each for the caravan, they are treated as children and told where to park, when to get up and when to eat. Paul said he was actually glad he got sick because he did not think he would have been able to put up with this treatment for the rest of his trip.

Do it on your own. Enjoy Mexico and it’s wonderful culture and people without being treated as children. You don’t need caravans and you will have much more fun without them. So will we!


  1. You've confirmed what we have always suspected about caravans. Who needs 'em?

  2. Your travel blog has confirmed that our way of traveling by ourselves is the way to go. We run on our own schedule, and the thought of paying $8K to be led around by the nose makes me cringe. What a waste.


  3. Greetings from Whistler (yes you can feel sorry for me in advance next year). We will probably head south next year during the "games". I've been following you for a few months and feel we could do Mexico ourselves, a caravan was never something I could handle and they probably couldn't handle us either! As I write this I'm listening to the transportation press release for the games, can't wait to find out where I can go when I'm paying the outrageous taxes here in Whistler. I think Whistler will be better off without us, I just despise hollier than thou people (kinda like those Caravan leaders). Love your blog and I'll keep in touch.

  4. I like it. I've never seen the picture of Dad and his bike. Thanks for your outlook on life. xoxoxo Robin